Donating through your estate

More women than men die of cardiovascular disease every single day. This is because the disease appears less clearly evident in women than in men. Scientific research is mainly aimed at men. As a result, thorough knowledge about the symptoms and causes in women is lacking.

One in four studies by the Heart for Women Foundation Research Fund at the Radboud UMC hospital can be carried out thanks to legacies. The impact of this source of income is enormous: a chance for a better quality of life or even a cure! The Heart for Women Research Fund at the Radboud UMC is very grateful for every will which includes a donation to our research.

Your involvement in the research of cardiovascular disease in women does not have to stop after your death. Therefore, leave something to the Heart for Women Research Fund Radboud UMC. With your legacy you help our researchers in their search for better diagnostics and a better quality of life or even healing in women with cardiovascular disease.

“With my help, I want to contribute to better diagnostics that improve the quality of life of women with cardiovascular disease or even heal them,” said 71-year-old Joke. “How nice would it be if this is no longer the number 1 cause of death in women?”

How do I arrange my will to donate after my death?
There are various ways to include the Heart for Women Research Fund Radboud UMC in your will. In most cases, the notary will point out the possibilities of a bequest, co-heir and / or any heir.

Arranging it may seem uncomplicated, but it is not so easy. Your notary can assist you in drawing up a will, in which the Heart for Women Research Fund Radboud UMC is then considered as an heir.

If you are considering donating all or part of your estate to research into cardiovascular diseases in women, we would be happy to make an appointment with you to inform you about our current research projects and to which ones you can donate.

Other questions pertaining to our working methods, our experiences and results are also most welcome. Just send an e-mail to