Inner Wheel Netherlands

Personally connected, socially engaged and internationally involved, this pertains to all of the more than 100,000 members of Inner Wheel. With clubs in more than 100 countries on 5 continents. Inner Wheel Netherlands has chosen Hart voor Vrouwen (Heart for Women) as the National Service Project for the next three years! This means that Inner Wheel Netherlands will organize activities to generate more funding for research into cardiovascular diseases in women. More information about Inner Wheel Netherlands can be found here.

Hart for Her

Hart for Her is a fitness formula, specifically aimed at women. Hart for Her’s formula is fun, friendship and feel good. Hart for Her uses hydraulic resistance. This can be compared to the resistance of water in the pool during swimming exercises, which makes the movements easier. More information about Hart for Her can be found here.

Quota Zeist

Quota Zeist is a service club of women who, in addition to their professions, want to contribute to the community. Quota Zeist brings together female professionals. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and commitment, Quotarians (the name given to someone who is a member of the Quota service club) are able to provide expert service locally, nationally and internationally. More information about Quota Zeist can be found here.


Founded in 2007 by two free spirits: Barbara Hilbrink & Myon Veenendaal. 10DAYS originated from a rebellious idea to break rules. To see fashion from a different perspective. To change fashion. Offer the opportunity to develop your own personal style, with less. Fill a wardrobe with only clothes you really like. Also tomorrow and next year. Follow your heart, not the trends.

With this in mind, our first 10DAYS collection was born: a creative mix of different styles, which form a timeless, and at the same time, personal wardrobe. Sustainable and dynamic. This challenge became the starting point for 10DAYS lifestyle and still inspires every day to build timeless, seasonless, ageless and gender-neutral collections. Because your wardrobe is our gallery.

More information about 10DAYS can be found here.