Who we are

Heart for Women was founded by Dr. Angela Maas, professor of cardiology for women at Radboud UMC Nijmegen. Since the beginning of 2014, the foundation has been committed to multidisciplinary research focused on cardiovascular disease in women. We do this because on a global scale most women die as a result of cardiovascular disease. More research should improve care for women.

More women than men die from cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, scientific research mainly examines men. As a result, a thorough knowledge of the symptoms and causes in women is lacking. We are committed to bringing different medical fields together. As a result, interrelationships have become more visible. Because besides the heart, other organs and external influences also play a significant role in cardiovascular disease. But we need even more knowledge about these connections to save women’s lives. That is why the Heart for Women Foundation stimulates multidisciplinary research.

Good work by sponsors

Conducting sound scientific research is extremely important. Based on this, doctors can detect cardiovascular disease earlier. And treatment options can lead to fewer women dying. Unfortunately, the fight against the number one cause of death comes at a cost. We therefore finance research into cross-connections with the help of sponsors. Do you also want to help us in the fight against cardiovascular disease?

Wilt u ons ook helpen in de strijd tegen hart- en vaatziekten? Donate or start an action to raise money for more research.